Presenting Your Business

“I’ve worked in all sizes of organisations throughout my career - global corporate to small pioneering, start-up teams. So when I decided to start my own business, it was fundamental to take the best from each and begin with the highest standards of quality and service. When I met Cathy, it became immediately clear that at Charwell House they have the same ideals of quality standards and this instinct has proven correct"

Jeremy Edwards

Managing Director

Terms & Conditions with Charwell House Offices in Alton

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Data Protection Policy

When you contact us at Charwell House often personal information is recorded, normally in the form of your e-mail address, contact telephone number and sometimes your address. Because of this we are bound by the 'Data Protection Act 1998' and as such we must make provision to make sure that all such information is kept safe and only used for its intended purpose.

In accordance with the 'Data Protection Act 1998' this is our data protection policy.

  • We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is kept safe.
  • Any personal information recorded will be used only for the purpose of any business between yourself & Charwell House.
  • We will not sell or give your details to any third party.
  • You can request a copy of all personal details held by Charwell House relating to you and we will supply such for a small admin fee (£10).

If you have any questions relating to the above then please use our 'Contact Us' facility that can be found within the menu.