Pharma Partners

"A very professional and high quailty service - they are approachable, flexible and have been a true asset to my business. I am glad I found them."

Andrew Curl

Managing Director

Behind Bars

I would just like to add that the service you and your team have offered me and my company over the past few years has been nothing other than first class you should be extremely proud. It is always sad when things have to change or come to an end and it has been an absolute pleasure.


I wish you and the company all the success and once I have got things settled in foreign parts I will update you with new contact details.

Mark Bullerwell
Managing Director

Virtual Assistant / Secretarial Services

We are an extension to your team

Low cost, risk free expansion

Perhaps your primary office is in another region or country, but you know there is a market to explore in Southern England. It is a tough decision to expand when you need to find premises and a support team which can involve huge expense and involve long term commitments and contracts.


You just don't have the work force to complete a task or a series of tasks and the only other person to tackle this is you. Is that really cost effective? Should you be building your client base or looking after existing companies.


Always here when you need us

For more established businesses worries are connected to covering holidays, sickness, training courses and travel, but customers must never be exposed to dips in service quality. Equally, your business might not be ready to take on employed staff.


“On-demand” – you only pay when you use us

Charwell House have clients that combine a postal address, telephone answering and warehouse services, with the Virtual Assistant which makes a UK sales office very cost effective and competitive with no large up front costs.