DemoMaestro Ltd

"Being part of Charwell House Business Centre is so much better than the alternatives, my home address or being part of an impersonal, “battery-farm” business centre. My business isn’t “caged and anonymous”… and neither is the service I receive from the Charwell team. Charwell attracts business with personality”

Jeremy Edwards

Managing Director

Migration Matters

"Starting a new business in a new country is both challenging and daunting. The team at Charwell House have been extremely supportive and their services are a tremendous help in building my business in the UK. They are totally professional and reliable. I would recommend Charwell House to any company."

Catherine Burnett
Managing Director

Business Address Mail Forwarding

Getting the basics right


Your business address is used on all promotional materials, it is your company face and people will judge your business accordingly. Are you sure you want to use your home address or a PO Box? For a very small amount you can uplift your image and enhance your business profile.


Other uses


It is common for off shore companies that are considering a UK base or a northern company who want a southern location to use the address to "test" the market prior to investing in premises. The Charwell House address is commonly used for this purpose and we forward the post arriving on the same day. We can also open post and scan forward if requested.


Combined facilities in the same site


Having your business located at an established premises is the platform you can launch from. Keep your home life separate, use the meeting rooms, have a Day Office when you need to concentrate or perhaps take a serviced office in the future… your customers and suppliers think you are based here already, so this continues the theme of stability.