Sam 7 Ltd

"Charwell House has been ideal for our growing business. We started with a small office and as we developed, Charwell House was able to provide additional space for us. This minimized the usual problems associated when “moving”... no need to change address, stationary etc."

Simon Ward
Managing Director

SleepBreeze Ltd

"Charwell House was just what we needed when growth in our business meant working from the dining room table became impractical! A great combination of office and storage suits our needs exactly. Its a really nice, friendly place to work. Ideal for a start up companies like ours. Cathy and her friendly team are "fan-tastic", as we say here at SleepBreeze Ltd !."

Andy Buxton
Managing Director

Home Office to a Vibrant Business Community in Alton


Risk-free expansion when the time is right



It is easier than you think...


Moving office to our business community in Charwell House is very easy, you choose your office, tell us what you would like and everything will be ready, organised and tested prior to your first day. You just walk in with your laptop and papers, sit down and start work.


The future...

Because you don't have to worry about any services or any fluctuating costs resulting in total budget control, expansion tends to be rapid. When you need more space for additional staff, it can happen over night and with no notice, none of your clients need know because all your facilities remain the same...... easy and simple.