General Physics Ltd

"We decided not to renew our lease in Alton and move to Charwell House instead. We knew there would be benefits, but did not understand the full extent of how much money and time we would save. We are delighted with the move and cannot praise enough the efficiency in which everything is completed prior to requirements and the way everything is handled - always a smile and a determination to exceed expectations."

Myra Groves
Office Manager

Coffeehouse Digital

“Taking advantage of Charwell House’s serviced offices has been the most economical way to grow our business. Having the IT and communications infrastructure expertly taken care of has significantly reduced our overheads and allows us to focus on business operations. The Charwell House team are always welcoming, efficient and passionate about providing top-level customer service.”

Simon Alison

Managing Director

Offices In A Business Community Rather Than Individual Leased Space


Reduce your cost-base today and have more flexibility in the future


Reduce your premises cost..........


Renting an office in Charwell House, Alton, Hampshire can be very cost effective and less time consuming than operating from your own conventional space. You only need rent the space you need at that moment - expand to a larger office when your business dictates. Meeting rooms can be arranged when required. There can be over 40 individual bills, contracts and expenses that are necessary to run your office base, they all need time to be arranged, processed and controlled. Charwell House handle all those aspects for you and as a result save your company time and money.


Increase your business focus

You can concentrate solely on your business and not waste thoughts or money on doing anything but look after your new and existing customers.


Enjoy more flexibility

By paying 1 single, fixed monthly payment, our clients avoid the hassle of multiple contracts and suppliers. You can totally budget for the forthcoming year and remain flexible knowing your business address will remain the same whether you need just one desk now or dozens in the future.