Asia Peace Developments Ltd

"Relocating to Charwell House has brought many benefits. It has not only given us a large cost saving - it has removed the time taken attending to issues concerned with running an office and warehouse. By using the warehouse on a needs only basis, it has given us greater flexibility and cost competiveness on our products. Any business in today's climate needs to run smoothly and maintain its image and competiveness. When we are out of our office, we have confidence in the people at Charwell House to continue the day -to-day routine.

Nick Battersby
Managing Director

Dance Books

We have loved working at Charwell House, and you and your staff have been enormously kind, helpful and supportive,

Managing Director

Offices Combined With Warehouse / Storage Space


Maintain your image and competitiveness



Goods in, goods out and as fast as possible...

Having an office attached to flexible storage space increases your companies competiveness as you only pay for the space you are using. As soon as your goods sell - your costs reduce, which gives a real edge over your competitors.


Combined facilities in the same site...


Your office will be close to your storage and so eliminate travelling time and make pick and packing cost effective. Charwell House provides fork lift drivers for pallets and couriers can be organised to send goods out on the same day. When you are on holiday the Charwell House team can be trusted to receive orders and despatch for you -everything is simple and runs effectively and professionally.

You can store from just one to hundreds of pallets. No fork lift maintenance, no rates bills, no static wasted space.